Meeting Harvey was great! -Erik Diehn

My only concern in writing this review is that more people will find out how much fun it is to visit Harvey and it will be harder for me to do so in the future. But when you experience something as awesome as going to meet Alex's baby, you don't keep it to yourself.  If you want to see cuteness in baby form, go see harvey.         -Sarah


I'm so lad I met Harvey during those first few weeks (as any real friend would). And I love hearing about him meeting all the good people who have expended the little effort it takes to visit. I only wish I could see him more often!                      - Donovan

I've only known Harvey for a short period of time, but we're so glad we could be there for you when he was first born. It's what friends do. - Shauna

So glad we got to meet Harvey before the imprinting window closed!      - David